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Facials, Peels & LED Treatment

We are proud to offer you Éminence Organic Skincare, which contain the highest possible levels of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. You will immediately see and feel the difference evolving from the extremely high fruit content, and high level of active ingredients.

Select a customized Éminence facial specifically created to suit your skin needs and let the active ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin. Or choose one of our highly specialized facials.

Our facials are custom tailored for your skin. Trust us to choose the products which suit your skin type. Whether you have dry, normal, combination, sensitive or mature skin. We’ll cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate your skin to perfection using the number 1 skincare line, Éminence Organics.

Express Organic Facial 30 minutes $65
A hydrating pick-me-up! Keep your skin radiant and healthy with an exfoliation, and a hydrating fix. This abbreviated facial treatment will focus on your main concerns. A great little refresher treatment.

Express Facial with Extractions 40 minutes $75
Add on to your Express Facial steam and delicate extractions, and an Éminence masque to soothe and calm the skin.

Classic Customized Facial 50 minutes $95
This treatment is tailored to your skin type (e.g. combination, oily, dry) as we cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate your skin to perfection using the number 1 organic skincare line Eminence. You will enter a state of pure bliss as we balance your skin with several soothing masks that are each removed with hot towels. Enjoy a relaxing massage of the face, arms and hands to sooth tired muscles. This is a great treatment for those who have the time to relax and get pampered while receiving a results oriented treatment.

Ultimate Customized Facial 80 minutes $140
This is the works. The Classic Eminence Facial plus a leg massage that will make you feel like you have experienced heaven. Mixology will be based on a unique blend of products for each person, from multi layered peels, boosters and serums all the way to mixing together masks! It will create a one of a kind facial.

Featuring the ever-popular Eminence Organic skin care line. The treatments feature handmade, organically grown herb, fruit and vegetable-based skin care products free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colours.

Seasonal Facial 50 minutes $105
Just as the cycles of the seasons change so does our skin, bringing various challenges. In order to offer the all skin the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, Body Elements Spa introduces four yearly Seasonal Facials using Éminence Organics Skincare products. Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal care combines a cocktail of original active ingredients and memorable fragrances to create a perfect environment in tune with nature.

Youth Shield Facial 50 minutes $95
Protect against the early signs of aging before they begin with this new collection from Eminence Organic Skin Care. Formulated to balance and protect the skin while it fights free radicals - the leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles. The products in this antioxidant-rich collection minimize inflammation, repair sun damage, and moisturize while keeping breakouts at bay. Naturally derived from red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark, these products are proven to hydrate while improving skin vitality and increasing elasticity.

Age Corrective Facial 60 minutes $110
Repair the visible signs of aging with the new Age Corrective Facial for immediate and lasting results. Take your skin on a collagen boosting retreat to paradise with coconut, bamboo and Tahitian flowers to renew and replenish your complexion. An exclusive clinically-proven Natural Retinol Alternative Complex, made with chicory root oligosaccharides and tara tree gum, and revolutionary PhytoCellTec Swiss Green Apple stem cell technology lift and tighten skin, erase wrinkles and crow’s feet, and increase collagen for skin that appears, and acts, naturally ageless.

Firm Skin Facial 50 minutes $95
Get glowing, youthful skin that boasts the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles by feeding it with phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins found in acai, blueberry, raspberry, and brambleberry with Eminence's Firm Skin Acai Masque.

Calm Skin Facial 50 minutes $95
Get out of the red and into the clear by calming the appearance of rosacea naturally. Soothing marigold, ivy and arnica work together to reduce inflammation and detoxify irritated skin. Powerful anti-oxidants fight to protect the skin from harmful free radical damage leaving the skin even and calm.

Bright Skin Facial 50 minutes $95
Brighten and lighten an uneven complexion with refreshing stone crop, licorice root, bearberry, Gigawhite™, and a natural Hydroquinone Alternative to fade spots and hyperpigmentation and leave skin soft and luminous.

Organic Botox Facial 60 minutes $130
Deep Massage is used in this facial to re-educate facial muscles, to smooth fine lines, to reduce deeper wrinkles, to improve skin tone and texture as well as lift and firm the muscles and skin of your face and neck.

AHA Pulp Treatment 50 minutes $110
Using handmade organic products, this is a unique combination of organic apples, grapes, and naseberry. These fruits are selected for their high levels of natural fruit acids. This combination of highly active detoxifiers and oxygen boosters will deeply exfoliate your skin to leave it glowing. Ideal for problem skin, aging, and dull skin.

Add On:
Paprika Herbal Treatment for a deeper cleansing and exfoliation. $20

Hungarian Herbal Back Facial 50 minutes $85
We got your back. Commuting, desk work, stress, smoking, and hair can all contribute to back congestion and breakouts. This back facial includes extractions for bringing sexy back.

Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial 50 minutes $90
This is a real man's facial using natural organic products especially selected for a man's skin and individual needs. Using steamed towels receive a face, neck and hand massage with non-perfumed, non-greasy, natural products. This facial is wonderfully relaxing and fantastic for keeping a man's skin in optimal condition.

Teen Clear Skin Facial 40 minutes $65
Say goodbye to problem skin and hello to a radiantly clear complexion with clarifying and calming ingredients. Cooling cucumber tones and revitalizes skin while refining yogurt works to exfoliate and eliminate the signs of acne with Eminence’s Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, Masque and Moisturizer so your skin will glow with newfound confidence in no time.

Teen Facial & Care Lesson 50 minutes $75
It's time to learn how to take care of your skin. This facial educates teens on skincare and includes cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extractions, hydrating, moisturizing, and a detoxifying face massage.

50/50 R&R Treatment 60 minutes $115
This is a service that gives you the best of both. A 30-minute customized massage followed with a 30-minute customized rejuvenation pick me up facial for your skin type.

Series of Seven
The seventh facial is complimentary. If you are looking for optimal results these customized seven treatments incorporate all of our skin care treatments. They are scheduled in a time sensitive manner, to help minimize your main concern, whether it is fine lines, dry skin or hyper-pigmentation or oil/acne prone skin. The first six facials must be prepaid, and you will receive the seventh facial complimentary.


Extractions $10
As listed, not all facials include extractions. If you require manual extractions and they are NOT included, please notify guest services when scheduling your facial appointment.

Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage $40
This abbreviated massage helps relieve tension by working on the high stress muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. This is the perfect treatment to relieve tension if you’re short on time.

Bright Eyes $20
Treat your eyes to an exfoliation, eye masque and soothing eye gel to help banish fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Turn back time with this amazing, one of a kind eye brightening treatment.

Lip Trio Treatment – Plump it Up! $15
Erase dryness and treat your lips to a naturally effective three-step treatment. Gentle fruit enzymes refine the lip area, followed by an extra rich masque that deeply hydrates. Finish with a delicious minty non-petroleum balm that stimulates lip-plumping collagen.

LED Light Therapy $50
The LED Light Therapy is only available when added to the Classic Facial, Ultimate Facial or one of our Signature Facials. It can not be done on its own.

LED is a painless, relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne.

The Red light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen in your skin, giving you plumper, firmer skin and a more youthful look.

The Blue light LED works by killing the bacteria deep in the skin that is responsible for acne. LED treatments also help boost mood during long, dark winters and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage, stretch marks, and reduce redness. This treatment is very relaxing and painless.

The recommended professional LED protocol is six treatments a week or two apart, followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two.

Éminence Facial Professional Boosters
Active professional grade concentrates for targeted and enhanced results! The boosters are active concentrates designed to work with existing Éminence products used during facials. Potent boosters of the finest organic ingredients combined with popular masques and moisturizers deliver powerful results for all skin types including those suffering from sensitive/rosacea prone skin, acne prone skin, aging skin and for those with hyperpigmentation.

Each Booster
(Choose from the following boosters):

Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster
Enhanced pigment lightening concentrate for hyperpigmentation. Lighten and prevent hyperpigmentation naturally with soothing stone crop, licorice, African potato and lemongrass.

Calm Skin Arnica Booster
Enhanced calming concentrate for sensitive and rosacea prone skin. Naturally calm the appearance of sensitive and rosacea prone skin with soothing arnica, rosehip, and ivy.

Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster
Enhanced concentrate for acne prone skin. Clarify and refine skin with active ingredients like willow bark, horsetail and tea tree.

Firm Skin Acai Booster
Enhanced concentrate for anti-aging. Fight the signs of aging with natural skin plumpers like hyaluronic acid and acai berry.